About the Where They Hate Jews Website

What is not reported, what is not shouted to the world, is too often ignored. Jews know the danger of silence better than most. One could argue that silence did not murder more than six million Jews during World War II and in a physical sense, this is true. But silence allows those who perpetrate evil to continue. Evil thrives on silence. This too, we know to be fact.

The purpose of this site is to document. At times, the incidents and the numbers become overwhelming and the urge to stop comes upon us. But this is, from the safety of our homes in the Jewish State of Israel, what we can do.

Israel remains the home…the only home…of the Jewish people. We call on our Jewish brothers and sisters to come home. But, until they do, we will continue to populate this site with the evidence, the reason, why now is the time. For two thousand years, we waited to have a place where we could be safe; where we would be home. That place is Israel. The time is now.

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